dress code


Education Regulation 86 provides the right for Governing Council to determine a school Dress Code Policy. The Woodend Governing Council actively promotes all students wearing school clothing consistent with the Dress Code Policy.


Our aim is to continue to develop our school as a supportive, positive, non-discriminatory, equitable and safe learning environment where all students can feel they belong, are valued and can achieve success. We believe wearing school uniform can help achieve this aim.

We believe and value the following about school uniform:
• School uniform should enable students to develop a sense of identity, belonging and pride in their school
• The wearing of uniform clothing is an important factor in ensuring students’ safety. It is important that we can clearly identify our students, both within school and during out of school activities. The wearing of uniform also adheres to sun safety requirements and safety from injury
• Our uniform should offer a range of good quality and affordable clothing for all students
• Our school uniform should allow students freedom of movement and an appropriate level of comfort
• We wish to diffuse a competitive/harassing environment where students are labeled according to clothing/fashion. The wearing of uniform is aimed at allowing students to focus on learning and positive relationships rather than making fashion statements with their clothing and accessories
• Special consideration will be given to new, itinerant and mobile students
• The values of students and parent/caregivers of other religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds will be acknowledged
• Awareness of and sensitivity to students in financially disadvantaged situations will be taken into consideration in relation to school uniform
• Special consideration will be given to students and parents/caregivers with genuine medical or family sickness reasons.

Uniform Shop

Our school uniform shop stocks a wide range of new uniforms.

SunSmart Policy

School hats are the only hats students are allowed to wear. The Uniform Shop is the only place where these hats may be purchased. The school hats are broad brimmed or legionnaire style as they offer the best sun protection. In accordance with the School SunSmart Policy, when the UV rating is 3 and over the wearing of school hats is compulsory. The school has a "no hat - stay in the shade” policy.

Refer to SunSmart policy for application of sunscreen.

Occasional special dress-up days (example Sports Day, Book Week, Casual Clothes Day) still require students to wear sunsmart clothing: sleeved tops and mid thigh length bottoms.


The Governing Council will be responsible for the supply and promotion of the school uniform. The Principal and staff assist with enforcing the Dress Code Policy, except where students are exempt, and take appropriate action in relation to intentional and persistent breach of that code.

All students and parents /caregivers of students enrolled at Woodend Primary School have a role to play in encouraging the meeting of the dress code standards. The Principal and staff have a responsibility to enforce the Dress Code Policy and to take appropriate action in relation to any wilful and persistent breach of the policy.

Students and parents /caregivers have a responsibility to ensure that uniform is worn at all times during school hours, when travelling to and from school or when engaged in school activities outside of school, unless other specific arrangements have been made.

Procedures For Non Exempted Students

The Principal / Deputy Principal will record the names of students not wearing appropriate clothing and/or accessories and will contact parents/caregivers in writing. The Principal / Deputy Principal will also keep a record of consequences and action taken to ensure compliance with the Dress Code Policy.

If a student is unable to wear the school uniform on a particular day because of exceptional circumstances (eg. clothing being repaired) a signed note from a parent/caregiver explaining the circumstance is expected. The wearing of non-school uniform items, in defiance of teacher requests, and in the absence of signed notes from parents, is a breach of the school behaviour code and will attract the appropriate consequences. The process commences with the classroom teacher or Principal/Deputy completing a form explaining to the parent/caregiver what aspect of the policy the student has breached and a section requiring a commitment with parent/caregiver signature to rectify the situation.

When representing the school (ie. excursions, out of school performances etc) students will be expected to wear the school uniform. If not adhered to, students will be expected to change. A phonecall will be made to the parent/carer to arrange for a change to the school uniform or arrangements made to use spare Woodend school uniform.

The Department for Education Behaviour Support Policy makes it clear that it does not consider non-compliance with a school#s Dress Code policy a serious enough offence to deny a student access to learning. Consequently, suspension, exclusion or expulsion as a disciplinary measure is not permitted.

Where there is a genuine medical or family sickness reason, which prevents the purchase or wearing of the school uniform, the school should be advised as soon as possible, in writing.

Procedures For Exempted Students

All students are required to wear school uniform at all times. Exemptions can only be made in writing to the Principal / Deputy who will keep a record of those students exempted. The Principal / Deputy will inform teachers of student exemptions. Exemptions will only be approved on the grounds identified below.

Principals may exempt students from wearing the uniform upon written request from parent/caregiver.

Grounds on which parents/caregivers may seek exemption are:
• Religion
• Culture or ethnicity
• New students (time to purchase)
• Itinerant students
• Financial hardship
• Medical

Students and parents /caregivers have a responsibility to ensure that uniform is worn at all times, when at school or when representing the school, unless specific other arrangements have been made.

Approved School Uniform

• Dress - mid thigh length, Woodend approved blue and white check, only available from the uniform shop
• Pinafore - mid thigh length, Woodend approved, navy and gold check
• Culottes - mid thigh length, plain navy, Woodend approved blue and white check or Woodend approved navy and white check, only available from the uniform shop
• Shorts, skirts, skorts – plain navy, mid thigh length. Bike shorts can only be worn as undergarments.
• Pants - full length, plain navy (leggings, track pants, cotton drill) ! Tights - plain navy
• Polo shirt - navy or gold, collared, plain or with Woodend logo, long or short sleeve ! Skivvy - navy or gold
• Jumper - navy, plain or with Woodend logo (hooded or round neck jumper, zip jacket, cardigan)
• School hat - Woodend broad brim (slouch) or Woodend legionnaire, only available from the Uniform Shop

No items are to have coloured piping, stripes, logos or branding. Items made of denim are not approved school uniform.

Specialty Uniform

Year 6 students will have a special commemorative top.

At times there may be other special Woodend approved uniform items available.


The shoes students wear every day at school are most important for their healthy growth and development as well as for their active and safe participation in all school activities. Students are wearing those shoes for at least 8 hours a day, every school day, and in many cases these are the shoes students continue to wear well outside school hours. This makes decisions about what shoes to purchase most crucial for the wellbeing of every child.

It is the strong view of the school community that shoes should be good quality, maintained in suitable condition, and safe and comfortable for students’ feet.

We acknowledge that there are fashion considerations made every time footwear is purchased. While the colour of shoes is not specified in this policy, we continue to strongly believe that shoes worn at school are primarily functional and not primarily about making fashion statements. With this in mind, the purchase of shoes for school should not be about novelty, advertising or attention seeking.

Woodend students are involved in physical activity. This includes: Physical Education lessons most days, fitness opportunities, and play outside at recess and lunch times. They may also require safe footwear for Science/Technology and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden lessons.

Therefore in addition to the above considerations, acceptable footwear should be:
• Closed for protection of the toes
• Fastened appropriately
• Allow students to participate safely in all school activities.

The following footwear is not acceptable at school: any footwear in poor condition; primarily a fashion statement; not suitable for all school activities; thongs and other slip ons, sandals with open toes, party/fashion shoes, high top boots, gumboots or snow boots (smooth soled shoes), skate shoes and shoes with oversized heels.


Only plain white, black or navy socks are acceptable.

School Logo

Iron-on Woodend logos are available to purchase from the uniform shop to iron on polos or jumpers.

Sports Uniforms

Sports uniforms are only to be worn while performing that sport. Students must change out of that uniform while at school or when deemed appropriate by the teacher.


It is compulsory to wear a Woodend Primary school hat, unaltered, from those sold in the uniform shop. It is to be worn during outside activity, when the UV index level is 3 and above. (The types of hats are listed on the uniform list in this policy).

Hair and Accessories

For safety reasons, shoulder length hair must be tied back at all times.
Hair ties or hair clips - small, plain and unobtrusive, navy or gold
Scrunchies or headbands - plain navy or gold, navy and gold check or blue and white check. Hair colour - the student’s natural tonings.

• Sports Day - students can wear their team colour in their hair which is to be coloured at home
• School initiated fundraiser events such as “Crazy Hair Day"


Students should dress appropriately in the interests of theirs and other#s safety and wellbeing, and because of the wide range of activities in which students are involved while at school. Students must not draw attention to their appearance with make-up, and jewellery. This means jewellery, hair styles, hair colour fashions, socks, stockings and footwear must be appropriate in line with this policy.

Acceptable jewellery:
• Wristwatches or fitness trackers (Note: smart watches are not permitted as per the ‘Student Use of Mobile Phones and Personal Devices Policy’ and department regulations)
• Medic Alert bracelets
• Small plain sleepers or plain studs (Note: any other piercings may be asked to be removed)

No make up and no nail polish. If students appear at school wearing make-up, nail polish, or inappropriate jewellery, a staff member or Principal will ask the student to remove it.

The Principal / Deputy Principal is responsible for following up with parents if students do not wear the appropriate uniform items or comply with the Dress Code policy.


School backpacks are encouraged and are available for purchase at the Uniform shop.

Seasonal Clothing

During times of cold weather, students can wear the following accessories to and from school and during recess and lunch breaks:
• Plain navy or gold beanie
• Jacket or coat (navy or gold colours are preferable)

These items are to be removed during lesson times.

Lost Property

Please ensure that your child#s name is on all items. The school will dispose of any unnamed, unclaimed lost property.

Pre Loved Uniforms

Pre loved uniform sales are occasionally advertised via the WPS - Parent’s Group Facebook page or WPS - Buy & Sell Facebook page.

Roles and Responsibilities for parents/caregivers, staff and students:

 The Dress Code Policy, it is our shared responsibility to assist our students to comply with the school’s dress code.

Draft: November 16 2020
Approved: December 18 2020
Implementation: July 19 2021
Review: Nov/Dec 2023