sun smart


A balance of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure is important for health. Too much of the sun’s UV radiation can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Sun exposure during childhood and adolescence is a major factor in determining future skin cancer risk.

Too little UV radiation from the sun can lead to low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and muscles, and for general health. Sensible sun protection when UV is 3 and above does not put people at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

In line with DECD and Cancer Council SA guidelines sun protection measures are in place during terms 1, 3 and 4, and when the UV is 3 and above at other times.

Therefore, at Woodend Primary School we will:
• encourage the entire school community to use a combination of sun protection measures whenever UV Index levels reach 3 and above
• work towards a safe school environment that provides shade for students, staff and the school community at appropriate times
• assist students to be responsible for their own sun protection
• ensure families and new staff are informed of the school’s SunSmart policy

 Responsibilities of Staff

• To ensure that SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum water resistant sunscreen is readily accessible.
• To routinely explain to students about sun protection, UV levels and why people need to cover up and protect their skin at play times and for outside activities.
• As part of WHS UV risk controls and role modelling, wear sun protective hats, clothing and sunglasses, apply sunscreen and seek shade when outdoors.
• To access the daily local sun protection times on the SunSmart app or, to assist with the implementation of this policy.
• To incorporate sun protection and skin cancer awareness activities in the teaching programme; including information about how to apply sunscreen and how to interpret the UV index.

Responsibilities of Parents

• To provide a broad brimmed or legionnaire style hat for their child each morning prior to sending them to school.
• To ensure sunscreen is applied at home before school
• To provide SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum water resistant sunscreen should they choose to use a brand other than that provided by the school, and to notify the school in writing should they not wish their child to use school provided SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum water resistant sunscreen.
• To model appropriate skin protection practices.
• To ensure that children participating in the outside school hours activities of school sporting teams (games and practice) are properly protected, in accordance with this policy.

Responsibilities of the Principal

• To ensure that SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum water resistant sunscreen is provided to all classes.
• To inform parents on enrolment of their child, and through parent information books and newsletters of the SunSmart Policy.

Responsibilities of All Students

To comply with the SunSmart Policy by:

• Wearing a broad brimmed or legionnaire style school hat when outdoors. Students not wearing a sun safe hat will be required to play in an area protected from the sun.
• Wearing the school uniform, which provides appropriate sun protection.
• To ensure sunscreen is applied at home before school
• Re-applying SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen when directed.
• Ensuring they apply sunsafe procedures during all school related activities outside school hours, such as Traffic Monitors, Jump Team, SAPSASA sport, After School Hours Care, After School Hours Sports practice and games.
• Some students will be responsible for advertising on the SunSmart notice boards, the daily UV levels*

Peak UV levels will be read and recorded daily from the Bureau of Meteorology website

Out of School Hours Care

As before and after school hours care operates outside of the peak UV radiation times of the day, the following sun protection implementation times apply.

Before school care: sun protection is not required as the UV radiation levels are rarely above 3 during this time.

After school care: sun protection is required during terms 1 and 4, and whenever the UV is 3 and above at other times. Staff are encouraged to access the daily sun protection times to determine if sun protection measures are required during terms 2 and 3.

Vacation care: sun protection is required for all outdoor activities during terms 1, 3 and 4.

Policy Review

Date of next review: May 2021