Lost Property

We are continually collecting uniform items which don’t have any identification. Please ensure that uniform items are clearly marked with your child's name.

When items of school uniform are found around the school, any item with a student’s name on it is returned to the student’s class or teacher, directly to the student or to the school office. In the office named items are placed in teachers’ pigeonholes for return to students.

Unnamed items have been kept in the lost property basket in sickroom where parents and students have sifted through them looking for the lost item. Sometimes uniform items with names have made it into lost property and some parents feel that these items don’t make it back to the true owners. 

Unnamed items in good condition have been placed in a $2 box on the Finance Counter, and parents have purchased these items. Poorer condition items have been given away at the end of a term.

Parents or students will not be able to sift through lost property. Each Friday afternoon all unnamed items will be sorted and items in reasonable condition will go into the $2 box. Any named items that have accidently made their way into this basket, will be returned to the student.

Parent Network is keen to conduct second hand uniform sales once per term, to give parents the opportunity to sell unwanted items and for the remaining unnamed uniform items the school holds, to be sold for a gold coin donation.