We are so fortunate to have a fully functioning canteen service that operates for 5 days a week. Here a few important points to make it clearer to you on some of our processes in the canteen:

•  Lunch orders can be placed on the Qkr! app or put cash in a brown paper bag with your child’s order and classroom clearly written

•  Qkr! closes off at 8:55am each morning for orders that day
•  Qkr! is open to place orders two weeks in advance
•  Please make sure you have your child’s classroom correct on Qkr! This will ensure their order goes to the right classroom
•  If your child is away on the day you have placed a lunch order, you can cancel it before 8:55am on the Qkr! app
•  If you owe the canteen money, you can pay via the Qkr! app. Select the ‘Pay my Canteen Invoice’ option and add in the amount you owe

If you have any questions regarding our processes, please do not hesitate to contact the school on (08) 8322 6422.

About our Health Promoting Canteen

Healthy eating and drinking at Woodend Primary School is about improving the health and wellbeing of our children.
We can do this by:

• Providing healthy food and beverages and support students and families to make better choices about their consumption
• Promoting nutritious and healthy choices

We reference the Government of South Australia’s Right Bite Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for South Australian pre schools and schools to ensure we are consistent with the recommended guidelines. 

Our committee consists of canteen staff, parent volunteers and representatives of school leadership. Student volunteers support the canteen program. We also consult with students during times of planning and decision making.
We will minimise marketing commercialized products where possible. 

When organizing ‘Special Lunch Days’, we will;

• Follow the Right Bite strategy guidelines in regards to advertising
• Follow the Right Bite strategy guidelines in regards to special occasions and only supply red category foods on one to two occasions per term.

We aim to promote produce that is freshly made to families.

In accordance with the Right Bite Strategy we identify healthy food choices called

The Stoplight System


Good healthy everyday foods eg. fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, lean meats etc


Sometimes foods. eg savoury commercial products, processed meats, snack food bars etc


Foods which are now banned. eg confectionery, deep fried foods, soft drinks, etc


In order to maintain this service and keep our prices low to our families we must have canteen volunteers.

To offer your help, please inform Kerri in the Front Office.