Welcome to Woodend Primary School Netball!

The aim of School Netball is to join an enjoyable and challenging competition that fosters players coming together in the sport of netball, to represent Woodend Primary School. The purpose is to promote team participation, sportsmanship, create new friendships and most of all, to have fun!

Games are played at approximately 4pm (subject to changes), on Tuesday afternoons at SUNA, Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale. The school netball season begins in week 2 of term 2, and runs through to the end of term 3. There are NO games played during school holidays or week 1 of Term 3, with the second half of the season returning in week 2 of term 3.

Both Girls and Boys can join a team and start playing netball from Year 2 to Year 6.
*** Boys who commence the competition who are under 12 years of age of the commencement will be permitted to continue in the competition until its conclusion.
Netball teams are defined by the year levels, which can change dependent on the number of registration forms received for the season.
Year 2 E Grade (Modified Netball Rules)
Year 3 D Grade (Modified Netball Rules)
Year 4 C Grade (Official Netball Rules)
Year 5 B Grade (Official Netball Rules)
Year 6 A Grade (Official Netball Rules)

Please note that there are NO FINALS for Grades D & E, however there is one final for 1st and 2nd place, in the final week of the School Competition for Grades A, B + C. All other teams will receive the week off and finish their season the week prior.

The school will supply a netball shirt as part of the netball uniform. This is to be returned washed, in a named bag at the end of the season. Students also need to wear a navy-blue sports skirt, skorts or shorts and appropriate footwear to complete the uniform for games. All jewellery is to be removed before each game. Studs are not permitted and cannot be taped over. The umpires will ask you to remove these at the game if you have not done so prior.

Each team requires either a Coach or Coaches/Team Manager (Volunteer/s).
The Co-ordinator and Coaches will set down training days and times at the beginning of the season. If your child cannot attend training for any reason, please advise the Coach. Training is held here at school either on the COLA or in the gymnasium depending on availability with other teams and sports, usually straight after school.

It is a requirement that we also provide an Umpire for each team that is nominated. Each Umpire will be paid a flat rate of $ 15.00 per match by SUNA. Umpires will also be required to register their details on PlayHQ including their bank details. Failure to do so means they will not be paid. This is a great opportunity for Year 6 students or older siblings to make some extra pocket money.

SUNA will advise the School or Co-ordinator if games are cancelled due to bad weather or if an opposing School has forfeited the upcoming game.

Each student registrant will receive a trophy for participating in the School Netball competition. Trophy presentations will be left up to each Coach/team to determine location and availability of their team to hold the presentation.

Registrations for School Netball open midway through Term 1 and must be completed by the beginning of April. Please register via Qkr.

Once the School Netball Competition Season begins, further information about the teams and games can be found on the WPS Netball Facebook page.

Your 2024 Netball Coordinator is Kendall Marriott.