The Teaching and Learning Programme

All junior primary and primary classes have access to weekly browsing and borrowing sessions. This is a chance for promoting and sharing new or favourite books together, investigating authors and illustrators and also for learning about the organisation of our library. There are three "open borrowing sessions" each day when individual students may borrow or undertake research. As independent borrowers, students are responsible for their own borrowing and learn to use the Bookmark automation system. Class teachers and the teacher librarian also work together, cooperatively programming and planning Resource Based Learning units to design and implement learning tasks to develop information literacy.

Open Borrowing and Research

Every day the teacher librarian is available assist students with book selection. Junior primary students can choose a reading book for their guided reading folder and primary students can find books for reading pleasure as well as research.

Premiers Reading Challenge

The teacher librarian encourages all students to participate in the Challenge and is available to support their book selection. Books in our collection are identified with a PRC sticker

Information and Communication Technology

Libraries provide a range of resources and technologies for entertainment and information needs. Computers play a vital role in this. Both the library and the class rooms have computers with access to the internet. When undertaking a research task we encourage authenticity by asking students put information in their own words and to only present what they can understand.

Activities For The Non-Reader

The library deliberately attracts all students by providing novelty books, games, magazines, activities, puppets and soft toys. Displays set up by senior students with trails, quizzes and jokes also help attract and involve the wary child.

Library Support Team

Middle school students have an opportunity to apply to be part of the library support team as part of the leadership programme. The team assists with book selection and promotion, library organisation, special assemblies and displays.
Our library is a busy, happy and entertaining place where we help staff, students and the community feel welcome, independent and successful.